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We digitize sales, marketing and publishing processes with Magento and CHILI publisher.

Are we an enobis customer?

Do you work in an agency that provides eCommerce-, publishing- or marketing-solutions for B2B customers? Are you an employee in an IT- or marketing-department that develops solutions or you are looking for a solution?

— OR —

the environment in which you operate works with dealers / distributors / agents and / or local representatives and supplies these partners with articles of daily use, promotional materials and / or marketing materials?

Are you? Then it is really worth reading on!

Because we are implementing such projects for many years, you will benefit from our experience and established working methods.


Are there any examples?

We deliver customized solutions for B2B eCommerce and publishing. The basis for this is the eCommerce system Magento and the flexible online editor “CHILI publisher”. We combine and supplement their core functionalities with our own business extensions, such as the “Mage-CHILI-Connector”.

Whether (b2b) eCommerce store, publishing solution or a combination of both – everthing is possible and may evolve over the time. Your application grows with your requirements and at your pace.

In this way, numerous customer-specific business extensions, (b2b)- eCommerce- and publishing solutions have been created in recent years.

Basic applications as examples:

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B2C-/B2B-Shop for customers and dealers

B2C-/B2B-Shop for customers and dealers

An automobile manufacturer sells advertising materials in an online shop both to end customers and to dealers. End customers can order goods in the public area of the store without logging in. A dealer gets a personalized product catalog after registration.

Each employee of a retailer has their own personal account with their own authorizations. Approval processes can be triggered from a certain order total or maximum order limits can be configured.

Category: B2C-/B2B-Store
Keywords: Multistore, Approval-Process, Order-Limits, Access-Rights

Internal publishing system for employees

Internal publishing system for employees

As part of aninternal marketing platform, marketing-relevant media is provided for individualization and personalization for authorized employees. With the help of the "CHILI publisher", print products like advertisements and flyers can be generated and automatically transferred to the printing service provider.

In addition, employees can also generate purely digital media, for example in the form of image banners for social media channels.

Category: Publishing
Keywords: Mage-Chili-Connector, „CHILI publisher“, Personalization and Customization

Combined B2B and publishing platform

Combined B2B and publishing platform

A telecommunications provider distributes flyers, brochures and letters to its sales partners via its store and publishing solution. Employees of the sales partners gain access to the system via single sign-on and can customize CI-/CD-compliant marketing materials and personalize them for their end customers.
The personalization data is read directly from the customer relationship management (CRM) system via a live interface. A service provider prints, assembles and ships the material via its directly connected system.

Kategorie: Kombiniertes eCommerce- und Publishing-System
Keywords: CI-/CD-konformes Publishing, CRM, Single-Sign-On

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We react agilely and flexibly to changing requirements.


What is the solution?

We use the following components in our projects:

  • The versatile eCommerce-System Magento
  • The hottest online-editor „CHILI publisher“
  • our own business extensions

We are specialized in these components for many years. This allows us to offer projects quickly and without errors.

What does the solution have to be able to do in detail? Which components do you develop yourself, which do we take over? We determine this individually for your application in detailed and non-binding consultations.

We are interested in long-term, cooperative relationships with satisfied customers. We see ourselves as a technical web agency who solves technical issues in your eCommerce- and publishing projects.

Fairness is important to us, both in our prices and in our work together.


What benefits do we have with enobis?

Since we have been successfully implementing projects for many years, you benefit from our vast experience and an established way of working, which we bring to your project agilely and mostly without overflowing specifications.

Our solutions are flexible and modular, expandable, cost-effective and individually extendable:

  • Flexible and modular: Our eCommerce solutions are not monolithic, but are based on standard software (Magento and “CHILI publisher”) and can be individually extended with additional components.
  • Expandable: You can start with a simple (B2B) eCommerce solution based on Magento and then add e.g. publishing functionalities from “CHILI publish” to meet your requirements.
  • Cost-effective: A simple licensing and a fair calculation at fixed prices enable a simple and reliable calculation of costs.
  • Individually extendable: With individually developed solutions, we are able to close functional gaps that the standard modules do not cover.

So you are looking for a turnkey solution, for a technical web agency or you are looking for a component for your project. Then, please contact us!

Our customers know us a reliable partner for their projects. We won’t let you down, even when things get tight in your project!


What happens now?

We will be happy to talk about further details of our solutions and services with you!

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